Ken has advised and supported well over 50 of Northland's best SME businesses over the past decade – firstly when acting in an economic development role for Enterprise Northland (now Northland Inc) – then for a good many years as the Northland Office of  Advantage Business, and now as GT Advantage.


Ken works 'up close and personal' with good owner-operators and their teams, and the strong relationships that result often continue on for several years.


Business owners usually commit to a one year relationship in the first instance – and in that first year there is typically a very strong focus on 'Team Optimisation'.

1.       Ken first sits individually with each employee – to 'unlock hearts and minds' regarding the culture of the organisation and to uncover a broad range of perceived opportunities.

2.       Ken then organises an on-line customer survey, to ensure there is a complete understanding of how your market 'thinks and feels'  about the quality of your products and services at this point in time

3.       This is typically followed by rounding up the entire organisation for a stimulating 'Team Conference' – where the staff and customer feedback is presented for all to see, and a series of workshops are facilitated to focus on internal problem solving and internal customer care. The messaging is powerful, as well as a lot of fun for the team.

4.       Leadership sessions are then facilitated for nominated team members – focusing strongly on the essential skills (x5) and behaviours (x6) that all front-line leaders must fully understand.

5.       'Team Mapping' follows – which is an amazing mechanism for learning to tolerate and appreciate our internal differences – for the direct benefit of the entire organisation.

6.       Then the organisation chart is revisited and validated – including the absolute clarification of the specific accountabilities and responsibilities associated with each key role in the entity. One natural outcome of this work is of course the creation of personalised training and development plans for your key people.

7.       If and when necessary Ken recruits  the required people into your organisation. In Northland over the past decade this has included General Managers, Operations Managers, Key Account Managers, Company Accountants, Supervisors and Team Leaders, and a broad range of trades and administration positions

8.       A natural follow-on from this early work is 'good governance' – coupled with sound business planning and strategy for the business owners. We ensure your business goals are aligned closely with your personal goals – and believe that the former are your key means of achieving the latter.


These processes are powerful and proven, and the engagement of your key people throughout is not only a catalyst for positive change in your team culture, but is actually a serious dose of fun.


There is nothing Ken enjoys more than getting directly involved alongside passionate and driven business owners and their teams.


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